New Layout+More. (READ)


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    New Layout+More. (READ)

    Post by Admin on Thu 24 Sep 2009, 11:50 am

    So I'm sure the change of layout can be drastically seen, and there are reasons. I loved the previous layout, it looked great, everything meshed except a few things that I'm sure only I noticed. But there were bugs with it, little inconsistencies and the sort.

    Another big thing that may be easily noticeable is that the forums are no longer the Rave FAM forums. They are now the forums for the Quarantine FAM of American Audition Online.

    Why though? I'm sure everyone knows of the recent happenings around previous Rave leader Ravewolf, what went down and how the FAM is dying off to inactivity and most of it's members leaving now. Due to those issues in the Rave FAM, and the grinding halt and huge leap backwards it has basically made I have decided to put these forums that I spent time on, to some use. Not that they will be used any more than when they were under Rave, but it's always worth a shot. Though, if you don't know what happened around Rave, I ask that if you don't mind you can ask someone who would know since I don't want to bring up things here, personally. Anyone else is freely welcome to posting in this thread however, informing people of what went down.

    I have gone around and removed as much signs of Rave from the forums as I can right now after being up for around 30 hours now... and I'm aware we need a banner still. But I'm working on it. Just have patience, hang out, get familiar with the rules and invite your friends. Smile

    Another nice little treat is that I FINALLY got around to adding post ranks, so post away to see what comes next! Wink

    I've also been been messing around with groups but it's not really turning out the way I expected so I'm going to mess with that for a bit then maybe put things back if I'm not satisfied. Titles have been added to priority members like the FAMs Co-Leader, Master, and eventually Junior Masters. So make sure to say "Hi!" when you see one.

    Once last thing I feel the need to mention is that our FAM founder, ☆Wish Upon A Star☆, had first intentions to make forums for the FAM that I didn't know of until I changed everything over. Sorry for that. And she has just as much say around here as me, the Admin. Hopefully we can come to an agreement. tongue

    If you have any other questions, please post in this topic as it will remain open simply for that purpose.

    Looking forward to your replies~

    Thanks. Cool


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    Re: New Layout+More. (READ)

    Post by Stacee on Sat 26 Sep 2009, 8:00 pm

    So nifty ;3

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