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    Post by kevin1gamer on Tue 08 Dec 2009, 4:20 pm

    About a month ago my best friend and I got into a bit of a fight (not a fist fight, but rather an argument). We kind of said some things we didn't mean and went our separate ways.

    |I apologized after the incident (not immediately after, but I think I waited like a day or two, because she was still very upset), for I realized how much I screwed up almost immediately after the argument, but she said she hated me.

    She then removed me as a friend on Facebook, wouldn't return my phone calls, removed me as a friend on Xbox Live, removed me as a friend on MySpace, blocked me on Facebook, and got two of our mutual friends to think less of me (which is understandable, since they were there and I was totally out of line).

    Just today, a month (give or take a few days) later, she just sent me a friend request on Xbox Live. I just received (and accepted) the friend request about 15 minutes ago, in the middle of playing Resident Evil 5. I don't think she added any text or voice with the request, if so, i didn't see it, because I forgot that you could add those with friend requests (and because my partner needed my help in Resident Evil 5, since we were
    fighting against Wesker and Jill together

    She has yet to send me a message (assuming she didn't in the friend request), nor have I contact her. We were arguing over whether or not gay marriage should be legal, she said it should (she has a gay uncle or something, but I didn't know her uncle was gay at the time), and I said it shouldn't be legal. I never really met a gay person (other than that one kid in 2nd hour, but I never talked to him before, primarily because he scares me, because he is gay and he acts [and talks] all gay).

    She said I was too closed minded, I even went so far as to saying that gays aren't people, they are things, but then she told me about her uncle, and that's when things got really bad. I was like "fine, I'll be the mature one" and left. That was the end (apart from my apology later on). So, do you think this is a good sign or not (she could have just added me to harass me or something)?

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