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    What do you want?

    Post by kevin1gamer on Sun 15 Nov 2009, 7:58 pm

    So, what in the world would you like to have? You can list every single thing you want in the world, or you can only list the things you really want, it's up to you. Feel free to include notes, links to official websites, links to places to buy it, pictures, etc. Please don't go off and try lecturing me about how I don't have StarCraft II on that list, the only reason I didn't put it is because I already have it (pre-ordered). I'll start by posting what I want:

    Sole Survivor (PC)
    Reenactor Entertainment's first game, Star Trek Universe, is the best game of all time. Let's see if their second game will be just as good.

    Ackuron (PC)
    This is Reenactor Entertainment's other upcoming game.

    Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox 360)
    I saw the trailer of this game two days ago on Hulu while watching Babylon 5. I have wanted it ever since.

    Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball (Xbox)
    I have the second one for Xbox 360 and it is awesome.

    Xbox Live Gold membership
    I'd like to be able to play Halo 3 (and other games) online. I'd also like to access other features that only Xbox Live Gold members can access.

    Sony PlayStation 3

    Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo GameCube Modem Adapter
    So I can play GameCube games online.

    Diablo III (PC)
    It's by Blizzard, so it has to be good.

    StarCraft: Ghost (GameCube)
    It's StarCraft for the GameCube, what self-respecting StarCraft fan doesn't want this.

    Mythos (PC)
    Flagship got flagshipped, but I'll try this anyway.

    Torchlight (PC)
    These Blizzard Entertainment rejects are on their way to getting rejected (for the fourth time: Condor Studios = defunct, Blizzard North = defunct, Flagship Studios = defunct, Runic Games = TBA). Let's see how they go about getting failing this time. The only reason I want it is because the company was created by people who got fired from Blizzard Entertainment (plus Hellgate: London was actually kind of fun, it's a shame they it down when the company went under).

    Zombieland (DVD)
    Zombieland is the best movie ever.

    Halo: Reach (Xbox 360)
    Halo 3: ODST is awesome, let's hope this is too.

    Halo Wars (Xbox 360)
    The demo is alright.

    Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360)
    Yet again Capcom took out the best part of Resident Evil, horror. While this game doesn't have zombies and isn't a survival horror game (it's survival action now; check Capcom's official website if you don't believe me), the demo is alright, so I guess I'll try it (despite it not having zombies or being scary).

    Halo 2 (Xbox)
    The only Halo game I don't own (other than Halo Wars, but that isn't by Bungie anyway).

    StarCraft: Ghost (Xbox)
    The Xbox port of the GameCube game.

    GEnie membership
    I always wanted a GEnie account.

    Star Wars: Force Commander
    This game is quite fun, despite what that one review website said.

    Sony PSP


    Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360)
    I already have this for Steam, but I want the Xbox 360 version so I can play with Tabitha Wright.

    Left 4 Dead 2 (Xbox 360)
    Despite my previous statement about how I probably wouldn't buy this game, the demo changed my mind (and so did two of my best friends who kept saying that the demo is awesome, leading me to try it). Thank you Tabitha Wright and Brandon Burke for convincing me to try the demo, hopefully we can play the full game together sometime.

    Aliens: Colonial Marines (Xbox 360)
    I canceled my PC pre-order of this game shortly upon recieving an Xbox 360 from my uncle, Prime Minister Jonathan McDonald of Jonathanland (Jonathanland is an independent country in North America), and my parents, who chipped in to purchase the Xbox 360. I am going to get it for Xbox 360 instead of PC now.

    Aliens versus Predator 3 (Xbox 360)
    I canceled my PC pre-order of this game shortly upon recieving an Xbox 360 from my uncle, Prime Minister Jonathan McDonald of Jonathanland (Jonathanland is an independent country in North America), and my parents, who chipped in to purchase the Xbox 360. I am going to get it for Xbox 360 instead of PC now.

    Singularity (Xbox 360)
    This game looks like it may be interesting.

    Heat Pal
    I would really like a new Heat Pal, I have one now, but it is really old and kind of smells bad now (because I lost it several years ago, only to find it inside of a large sealed chest inside of my room a couple months ago).

    Aliens versus Predator 2 (PC)
    The first game is quite fun.

    Beach Spikers (GameCube)
    Have you seen the cover?

    FreeSpace 2 (PC)
    I'm a Descent fan.

    Descent IV (PC)
    I'm a Descent fan.

    DUST 514 (Xbox 360)
    This looks awesome (it's a shame it's in the EVE Online franchise instead of being it's own thing).

    Star Trek Online (PC)
    Star Trek Universe by Reenactor Entertainment is the best MMO of all time, let's see if this third-party game is even a fourth as good (which is highly unlikely).

    Stargate Worlds (PC)

    Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC)

    Jumpgate Evolution (PC)
    Everyone hates this game, because they think it is a sign that NetDevil might turn gay and shutdown Jumpgate. However, I will try it anyway.

    Microsoft Windows Millenium Edition
    I want a Windows Me.

    Nintendo DS Lite Browser (DS)

    P.N.03 (GameCube)

    Resident Evil 2 (GameCube)

    Resident Evil 4 (GameCube)
    They took out zombies and they changed the genre to survival action, those bastards!

    Resident Evil Zero (GameCube)
    The GameCube remake of the first Resident Evil is the scariest game of all time, let's see if this is any good.

    Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (PC)
    I beat every single simulation in the game when my uncle, Prime Minister Jonathan McDonald of Jonathanland, let me borrow his copy of the game. However, once I graduated from Starfleet Academy and went on to captain my own starship (not a simulation), I got owned on the first mission (several times). I got the spacebourne entity's attention, but then those damned Klingons come in and one of them always makes the sun go supernova long before I can catch him (he's like 30 minutes away at maximum implulse, and if I go to warp, it takes me away from him (and I never did learn how to manual warp). If anybody knows how to beat the first non-simulation mission, then please tell me. So, I really want this game so I can finally beat it, and so I can play it's multiplayer (which I haven't tried yet). I'd also like to try it on the hardest difficulty (I did it on easy when I borrowed it from my uncle).

    Star Trek: Starfleet Command (PC)
    Starfleet Academy was so good that I feel the need to try out another Star Trek space simulation game.

    Star Trek: Klingon Academy (PC)
    Starfleet Academy's dark twin, Klingon Academy. I'm worried this might suck though (since in the first game you have tons of options to choose from in both simulations, post-graduation, and while at the academy), yet I'm not sure there will be too many options in single player (since for Klingons there is only one option: fighting).

    Star Trek Starfleet Academy Expansion: Chekov's Lost Missions (PC)
    The expansion pack to Starfleet Academy. I can only imagine what wonderful new missions there are.

    Star Wars: X-Wing VS TIE Fighter with Balance of Power (PC)
    The original game is awesome, I hope the expansion pack is just as good. Before you go BTEV (inside joke), please note that my club is recruiting pilots, so if you want to fly for the best club in the Week of War (and you play either Star Wars: X-Wing versus TIE Fighter or Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance), then feel free to send me a PM here and ask if you can join Godz Minnionz.

    Sun Solaris 10
    I want to get a Solaris operating system.

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time w/ Master Quest (GameCube)
    I want to try this game out again.

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (GameCube)
    This game is awesome.

    The Sum of All Fears (PC)
    I used to have this game, but the CD broke.

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Rogue Spear (PC)
    I used to have this game, but the CD broke.

    Planet Hot Wheels (PC)
    I used to play this game with my uncle, Prime Minister Jonathan McDonald of Jonathanland, all the time.

    MechWarrior: 3015 (PC)
    Please don't retcon the MechWarrior/BattleTech franchise.

    Multiplayer BattleTech: EGA (PC)
    I want to play this so bad.

    Multiplayer BattleTech: Solaris (PC)
    I also want to play this.

    Multiplayer BattleTech 3025 (PC)
    I also want to play this.

    3 Xbox 360 controllers
    I only have 1 at the moment.

    driver's permit

    driver's license

    Tabitha Wright's forgiveness
    I am truly sorry for that arguement we had, your right, I should be more open minded. I was a jerk, please forgive me. I hope Tosha forgives me too. You can view the Tabby's UGA profile here: http://ugalliance.ipbfree.com/index.php?showuser=7

    to graduate from high school

    Lil' Chubs
    You haven't lived until you have tried one of these. This is the best food in the world, you can buy a 24 pack of them here: http://www.amazon.com/Jack-Links-Original-Canister-1-625-Ounce/dp/B000GW67JK

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