Redbana Audition November '09 Patch!


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    Redbana Audition November '09 Patch!

    Post by Yuushi on Wed 04 Nov 2009, 11:31 am

    Originally posted by yunjt.

    Audition November ’09 Patch Notes

    Hey Audition Peeps –

    The next update is coming up, we are looking to implement this update toward the beginning of November!

    Tentative Patch Date: November 10, 2009.

    Here’s the lineup:


    - 6 New Songs! (plus a few bonus core songs in Beatup!)
    - Check out Fall Out Boy's Thnks Fr Th Mmrs!
    - New Mode: Beat Rush Battle Party!
    - New Mode: Crazy Freestyle (Team)!
    - New Mode: Couple Dance 31 Hearts!
    - 80 New Avatar Items (Yep, you “heard” me - Bana Cash AND Beat Items)!
    - New Feature: Emoticons!
    - 7 New FAM Shop Items (Xmas theme!)
    - 2 New Adorable Pets!
    -(and hopefully, Beat Rush Tournament! But keep your fingers crossed!)


    1. Beat Rush battle party
    - Gather a team of 4 players to battle against 100+ NPC pairs!
    - See if you have the skills to beat the hidden NPCs!
    - Play against NPCs in Beat Rush mode, and knock them down during Beat Rush battles!

    2. Crazy freestyle (team)
    - Check out the team version of Crazy freestyle!

    3. Couple Dance 31 Hearts
    - Couple? Then check out this fresh new addition to the Couple Dance mode!
    - Battle 1v1, 2v2 or 2v2v2 to get the exact number of heart points required in the 31 Hearts meter to win bonus scores, beats, as well as couple points!
    - Perfect = 3 hearts
    - Great = 2 hearts
    - Cool = 1 heart
    - Bad = 0 heart
    - Miss = 0 heart + miss a turn
    - Watch out though – bonus points will only be given out to those that match the required heart points EXACTLY! If you fall short, or go over, it just won’t cut it!

    4. Beat Rush Tournament
    - We are working super hard to get this tournament out to you with the rest of the content, but depending on how things go, this may be delayed a week or so. Hold on though – it’s coming!

    5. Emoticon system
    - We’ve added in numerous emotes to include when chatting with your peeps – after all, a picture tells a thousand words!
    - Use these new emotes in the chat window, during gameplay, sending messages, megaphone, couple registration, FAM, as well as room titles!
    - Which is your favorite emote?? Check them all out and find out!



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