Redbana Audition October '09 Patch!


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    Redbana Audition October '09 Patch!

    Post by Admin on Tue 06 Oct 2009, 8:47 pm

    Originally posted by Gleem.

    We're bringing you more updates! More music! More fashion! More fun! Six Fla... I mean uh.. AUDITION! Smile

    Patch Date: October 6, 2009.



    yes, i am aware of the misspellings


    - 7-9 New Songs!
    - New Mode: Beat-Up Team Mode!
    - New Mode: Beat-Rush Random!
    - New Mode: Crazy Freestyle (Individual)!
    - 50 New Avatar Items (Bana Cash AND Beat Items)!
    - New Feature: Audition Studio!
    - [color:f00f="Orange"]Halloween Stage Refresh!
    - 16 New FAM Shop Items (Pirate & Egyptian Themes)!
    - 4 New Adorable Pets!


    Beat-Up Team Mode

    - Ever wanted to Beat-Up with friends? Now you can!
    - Teams of 2v2 or 3v3.
    - Fill the perfect gauge for your team allots you 1 perfect mark to be used.

    Perfect Marks
    - Up to 3 perfect marks can be gained.
    - Perfect marks are awarded based on teams, but their usage can be decided on by any individual.
    - The number of perfect marks may be different depending on how many each team member uses.
    - Once your team has acquired a perfect mark, a R_SHIFT graphics icon pops up as an indication of how to use it.

    Using Perfect Marks
    - Press the Right Shift key once to use 1 perfect mark.
    - Press the Right Shift key twice to use 2 perfect marks.
    - The left keynote area will become highlighted to show that it is in effect.

    What Perfect Marks Do
    - A BEAT TIME X2 will pop up toward the bottom of the screen. Its gauge will get used up in 10 seconds.
    - Within these 10 seconds, keynotes that come out of the highlighted area will accrue DOUBLE the normal points when played.
    - Within these 10 seconds, the grey arrow keys that the user is supposed to hit will become more defined.
    - Try to get the most amount of points to topple the other team!

    Beat-Rush Random Mode

    - This new mode allows the keynotes to be randomly displayed for all 4 keynote areas in the game.
    - This new mode applies to both 4 and 8 key Beatrush.
    - The keynote area that needs to be played will show a highlighted border around it that will start big and grow smaller.
    - Once the highlighted border fits the keynote window exactly, that is when the player must play the keynotes.
    - The four keynote areas will be randomly picked to see which one will be played first!

    Audition Studio

    - My Home has been converted into the Audition Studio! The one-stop shop to check out your dance moves without embarassing yourself!
    - While inside of the Audition Studio, you can chat with your fellow friends while at the same time viewing and practicing each individual dance move!

    Basic Functions
    - After selecting an individual dance move, press F1 or the View Dance button to see the dance a single time.
    - Press F2 or the Record button to log the dance in your dance notes.
    - It is possible to search by keynotes or dance name. It is also possible to sort by 4/8 key and the various dance levels (6 through 11).

    Dance Notes and Recording
    - By recording up to 50 dance moves, you can string them all together!
    - You can check which dance moves you would like to play in order, then hit Repeat Play.
    - You can click on the Modify button to change the order of a dance move.


    - Lower level experience curve rebalanced so it is easier for newer players to level up.
    - Additional Season 2 bug fixes:
    - Pair-A-Dice - There's No Stoppin' Us crash in 1-2 Party mode has been resolved.
    - The "Laugh" emote misspelling has been corrected.
    - The loading screen for S. B-Boy has been fixed.
    - The Shopping Mall mis-alignment for the search category pulldown has been fixed.
    - Who is Wolfy & Foxy? This has been fixed.


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