Guidelines+Form(READ FIRST)


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    Guidelines+Form(READ FIRST)

    Post by Admin on Sun 27 Sep 2009, 4:13 am

    So! You want to have your own section for your FAM here, huh? Glad to see your want your FAM to be more of a part of our community here. Smile

    If you want your FAM to have a section;

    -Must be requested by the FAM Master or Co-Leaders unless reason given otherwise.
    -If your FAM only has a few members, we would appreciate it if you applied when you gain more members. Please consider that too many FAM sections can start to take up too much space. Unless a forum staff member accepts, we're sorry. Apply again after!
    -Please use your FAMs section. They wont be made just to sit there and collect dust and look pretty. If it's noticed that there has been a prolonged period of inactivity in your FAM section, the user who requested it will be contacted and actions will result from there forth.

    FAM Name:
    House Size:
    Sub Catagories(Each on its own line and descriptions in brackets):
    Example: Chit-Chat(Hang out and chat it up!)
    Recruits(Join us here~)

    Section Mods: (For this please choose 1 or two people you wish to have as moderators for your FAMs section. Must have a forum account. If you want more please specify who.)

    Follow these simple steps and guidelines and everything should move along smoothly.Wink


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