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    Edit: Seeing as this forum was intended to be a community for the community by the community, I feel the rules that were in place went a little more.. in depth or too detailed and strict in areas for what we originally wanted to achieve.

    I made the forum as a place for people to get away from the Redbana forums, or whichever forum they choose to come from to in a way get a way from some of the probable iron-fist like rules. While they are there for a reason, a lot of the time can take away from the experience of being a member on the forum. While rules being put in place are there for a reason, I know that quite a few people have and express their concerns about those who may or may not overuse? their power during certain situations and those who express concern are ignored.

    As said before, this was intended to be a community for the community BY the community. I intend to have it that way whenever people choose to actively use this forum.

    Moderation is always an issue, and the decision of who would be suitable enough for such a position and use it responsibly is too big a decision in my opinion to be made alone that's why I'd like it if more people were to help decide on those who got the role. Currently my plan was to have people send in their applications, weed through the ones that don't quite seem to fit the shoe and leave the rest up to the community with those left over, but as always Suggestions are always encouraged and there's a section for them.

    Until this is better updated, please use common sense when posting. If you think you can/would/could/etc get in trouble for a post or other action on the site, DO NOT DO IT. Use your best judgement.

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