The Manic Story of Missing Memories: Touhou Roleplay



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    The Manic Story of Missing Memories: Touhou Roleplay

    Post by RaveWolf on Sat 05 Sep 2009, 1:17 am

    "Grrr... JUST GET ME SOME COFFEE! ...Er, anyway, on today's local news, there has been cases of disappearances everywhere in our area. The maid for miss Eathelin had disappeared, Nariko had disappeared, other towns people had as well. All of these people were last seen in the Forest of Time, but disappeared after seconds. We believe that there is a culprit kidnapping them and erasing their memories. ...ISN'T THAT TERRIBLE!? ISN'T THAT HEARTBREAKING!? I mean, really...! All of these people losing great memories... We have to find a solution. Please, if you want to help, contact our office! Right now!" 'Agnes bellowed, beckoning the many adventures of Gensokyo, the myriad native gods, the fairies, humans, vampires, dead, living and youkai alike.

    "I'll join in your quest" A confident young man stepped up to the office;
    "My names Wolf, I guess you could say I'm a mercenary of sorts."

    The rules to the RP:

    Basic roleplaying rules apply:

    1: Please mention when you are talking out or in character, OC and IC may be used or variants of it.

    2: To join please post your characters bio, along with a description of their personality, and await a chance to jump into the storyline.

    3: You may have ONLY up to 3 characters at one time in any scene, you cannot control more then that, and you cannot have a scene by yourself without other played characters being in it, involve other forum users.

    Rules applying to this RPG:

    1: Since we are using a multitude of characters in this story, there will be "Wildcard" characters, that anyone can control, if you wish to add a wildcard character, your bio must include more specific personality traits, and those using this character must try to abide to that personality as much as possible.

    I'm going to use my own Bio of Wolf as an example Bio:

    Real Name: Unknown
    Alias: Wolf; or 'The Wolf'
    Age: 21
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Features: About 6 foot, tall and slender, dark black hair that is long
    and extends past the shoulders a couple of inches, hazel eyes and disarmingly soft facial features; Slender, however he is well built. Very pale complexion.
    Weapons: A short sword tied to his waist across his back; two daggers on his left and right; a short bow slung across his shoulder; most often carries a large amount of poisoned senbon needles in a satchel on his upper thigh, and a quiver slung behind his back. He is a forester and mercenary, and well equipped for any situation as such.

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    Re: The Manic Story of Missing Memories: Touhou Roleplay

    Post by Yuushi on Sat 05 Sep 2009, 7:55 pm

    Oh wow. Haven't RP'd in years. <.< Maybe I'll try it out. 8D

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    Re: The Manic Story of Missing Memories: Touhou Roleplay

    Post by Stacee on Mon 12 Oct 2009, 1:57 am

    Yuushi wrote:Oh wow. Haven't RP'd in years. <.< Maybe I'll try it out. 8D

    this D;
    but i suck at them.

    Hi. I'm Stacee.
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    Re: The Manic Story of Missing Memories: Touhou Roleplay

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