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    Story Guide

    Post by Yuushi on Fri 21 Aug 2009, 3:28 am

    Originally posted by Wolf.

    Story mode; what is it? When can I do it? Is it worth doing?

    What is it:
    Story mode is a mission based mode where you follow a storyline that involves the NPC's in battle parties
    When can I do it?
    You can start the first story at level 6, after which you earn the rest by going through them.
    Is it worth doing?
    Stories give a significant amount of exp, and medals as a proof of accomplishment or 'E1' Badges

    Now to get there select story mode as you make a room, you'll notice all the stories but the first one are locked. There are 80 stories in total, every 20 story you receive a new different colored 'E1' or Badge.

    Stories 1 ~ 20 Give the Grey E1 Badge
    Stories 1 ~ 40 Give the Blue E1 Badge
    Stories 1 ~ 60 Give the Gold E1 Badge
    and Stories 60 ~ 80 give the Orange / Bronze E1 Badge

    Each story can be done up to 255 times, the stories original exp is cut in half the first three times of redoing it. So a story that originally gives 4000 exp, will then give 2000, then 1000, and finally 500 for the rest of the completions of that story. Extra completions do not help in E1 rank or in badges, but are good for experience points if you are interested in such things

    Credits to Ayeqp I believe, and much thanks!

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