Redbana down? Angry players? No shit.


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    Redbana down? Angry players? No shit.

    Post by Yuushi on Mon 29 Nov 2010, 3:59 am

    Why post the obvious? Nothing better to do.
    People care? Hell yeah they do.

    Basically, Redbana has yet to learn to anticipate situations that any game hosting company should.

    Down since the 24th? Now that's just ridiculous. Even after 5 days(my time) they're estimating another day? Where have I seen that before?

    Personal opinions to myself, the only reason I even found out about this was because randomly after work the other day I felt me up some Audishun urges.

    • Went to patch... patcher error?
    • Got through that... OK.
    • Patcher patching, but more failing at the end of the patch.
    • Decide they must still be working on it or something.
    • Try the next day.. patcher doesn't load the news and other outdated images.
    • Check the site.. no site.
    • Notice facebook rageqewqew on Redbana Facebook..
    • Present.

    Redbana has many issues they seem to try sweeping under the carpet, hoping it wont sneak back up to bite them in the ass. Only until it's usually at it's worse. :]


    ^ Lol'd at that one!. Very Happy


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