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    TV in theaters

    Post by kevin1gamer on Mon 14 Dec 2009, 6:51 am

    They should totally have TV shows in theaters, don't you think? I'm not saying they shouldn't have them on TV, but I'm saying they should also have them in theaters.

    I got the idea from a dream I had last night, where they made a new Babylon 5 movie, and it was in theaters. So I got the idea, what if they released TV shows episodes in theaters? I for one would love to see Babylon 5 in theaters, plus, I wouldn't mind seeing a few other TV series' in theaters either.

    They could like play 2 or 3 episodes back to back and that costs like $5 to see on the big screen (since 1 episode of a TV show, especially if it's only a 30 minute TV show instead of an hour) would kind of be a rip-off if they charge full admission price as if it were a movie. Then a week or two after playing episodes 1-3, they play episodes 4-6, so on and so fourth. Wouldn't that be great?

    Watch, some guy who owns a theater will see this and take my idea and not give me credit, I just know it, but I probably wouldn't make too much of a fuss (except maybe about the part about how he/she didn't give me credit), since I'd be glad that someone took my idea into action. This is perhaps the greatest idea since my new space exploration related message board, Above and Beyond (ask me for the link if you want it; you can ask me in this topic, or via PM, either one).

    I think it's a fantastic idea (well obviously, since I came up with it). Everyone wins, the consumer gets to see an entire series of their favorite shows on the big screen. The movie theater owners get more customers. I get to be famous (not that I really care about fame, I just want to help people), and TV show companies get more money.

    Now, you might think to yourself, 'why not just watch them on TV, or Hulu, or Phoenix (which I created by the way), or the Internet for free?' Well, most people watch movies in the theater for the atmosphere, I mean sure, you could pirate something (thought I don't recommend it, since it is usually, though not always, illegal; I do not believe that it is illegal in the Russian Federation or the People's Republic of China, but I might be mistaken) or watch it on Hulu or Phoenix, but it's not the same as being in a theater. Plus, if you have a date, then you have even a more exceptional time.

    Of course, they could just charge like $2.00 for you to see 1 episode (after all, theater companies make most of their money off of concessions anyway), instead of $5.00 for 3 episodes (which is cheaper in the long run, but not everyone wants to watch 3 episodes of something in a row). They could also have intermissions (breaks/pauses) in between the episodes if they do 3 episodes in a row.

    Of course, a week or two after a episode (or 3 episode pack), they would move on to the next episode (or 3 episodes), and continue to do so until every single episode has been aired. Then they can repeat the series, play movies that are based on the series (if there are any), or move on to a different TV series.

    Well, thank you all very much for hearing me out. I do hope that someday (someday soon if I'm lucky), my idea will become a reality. Do you think my idea is a good idea?

    Kevin McDonald
    December 14, 2009

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