Help me help you!


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    Help me help you!

    Post by kevin1gamer on Fri 27 Nov 2009, 9:40 pm

    I have a bit of an unusual request. You see, I spent the last two days updating my new website, more specifically, implementing an Amazon affiliation system. This system allows SS Free members (as well as staff members and non-members) to purchase the games, movies, books, and various other items that they wish to discuss. Please, feel free to browse our extensive list (check out the "General Gaming Discussion" forum for a bunch of games). This is perfectly legal and all, in fact, it isn't even done through my website, all my website does is provide a link to

    You see, I implemented this system mainly for three reasons. First off, it helps our members. Second off, it looks cool. And last but not least, items purchased on Amazon (through the links I provide), give me money. This will greatly aid me in paying for the foreign exchange program for my trip to Germany next year (I am going to Cologne, Germany as a foreign exchange student). It would also help me purchase other things.

    Please, become a benefactor today (and remember is trustworthy; also remember that ZetaBoards, the SS Free, and the rest of the SS Free Network are not responsible for any items purchased on Amazon, nor are we involved in any way, shape, or form in this patriation). Thank you for your time and patronage, the link to my new website is:

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